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A La Carte Publishing Services

If you have decided to work 1:1 with Kate on publishing your story/book, these are the services that she provides for an additional fee. You can always choose to do it yourself, outsource your project to a professional, or just pay Kate to handle it all for you. There is never any pressure! She wants you to have a book you are proud of and to help make it possible for you. 

Kate has worked 1:1 with clients all of her life and she's going to work personally, 1:1 with you too!
You are not alone.

If you start today, you can have a polished and finished quality book

in 8-10 weeks. You can be a published author.

What are you waiting for?



$.01 per finished word.

Kate will give your book a polished and professional look so you have a book to be proud of! Includes set up of interior structure, fonts, page numbers, margins, gutter, tables, illustrations, headers, footers and chapter headings.        (additional charges for complex tables, photos, and decorative features)              

Don't release your book without having another set of eyes read it first. There WILL be typos and errors in it somewhere that you won't see. When you send in your manuscript for assessment Kate will advise you what level of editing you need.

(Proofreading is included with the Sweep Editing option).




You can create your own cover on KDP or Kate will outsource your Cover Creation to a trusted Professional Designer using your preferred images, concepts, graphics, and vision. Your book cover is of utmost importance. It is the #1 element that brings potential customers to your book. Range: $75 - $325 or more.  Average cost based on our client request history is about $150.                                                                       

Convert your paperback into digital format for 
publication on Kindle.   $150

$0.02 per finished word
You can hire a line editor and a copy editor or Kate will review your manuscript based on structure, phrasing, word choice, writing quality, and overall readability. Will provide honest feedback and assist with rewriting sections if mutually agreed upon and deemed necessary. Includes final proofread.

$0.01 per finished word
You can always hire a proofreader and/or have friends/family/beta readers proof your book prior to publishing. If you prefer, Kate will check for overall typos, spacing, grammar, punctuation, and other errors based on the proof copy of your book..
Pick up a copy of "A Story Worth Writing: The 20 Steps to Publishing Your Amazon Paperback" on Amazon so you have a realistic idea what you're getting into.

The process is not for the faint of heart, but whoever you are, whatever your background, you can do this! You have a story like no other.

If you become a client, Kate will reimburse you the cost of the book.


Just send your Manuscript to Kate for her honest assessment, review, and a quote on the estimated total cost of publishing. If you aren't ready to submit and you have questions about the process, let us know! Kate wants to see you succeed! Pricing is always fair and based on the length and complexity of your book. Kate wants to see you succeed! She has learned firsthand how getting your message out into the world can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.


Over And Above Phone Calls related to the moment to moment process, additional calls are reasonably billed in 15 minute increments at $20.00 per 1/4 hour. Kate will tell you everything she knows, everything it took her the last 10 years to learn!

Consultation re:

ISBN, Copyright, Barcodes, Other Issues!
Marketing Strategies,
Creating a Web/Landing Page,
Keywords, Metadata, Positioning
Social Network Marketing,

1:1 Phone/ZOOM Coaching,
pre- and post-publishing


What are you waiting for?
$299 buys you 1:1 time with Kate
who will guide, encourage, and support you all the way to becoming a Published Author! 
Reach out and she'll guide you through the next steps.

What Our Clients Say...


Teresa Barker, The Twelve Trees of Christmas

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kate McGahan for all of the help and guidance she gave me regarding my book The Twelve Trees Of Christmas. I have always enjoyed writing short stories but never thought for a minute they would ever be published but with Kate’s encouragement, I finished the stories with the intention of giving them to family members. I sent my stories to Kate and couldn’t believe what she turned them into, the most beautiful book, she proofread my stories, corrected all of my spelling and grammar mistakes, the cover is absolutely beautiful, better than I could ever have imagined, she turned a dream into reality. She suggested I put it for sale on Amazon and to my surprise I have sold quite a few copies. I am now working on my second book of short stories which I hope with Kate’s help will be as successful as my first effort.  Thank you Kate."


Kate McGahan LMSW

P.O. Box 4524

Tubac, Arizona  85646


Contact Kate at


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