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Hi Everyone!  I know the satisfaction of having a story worth telling and being able to share it publicly.  I am self-published, an independent author and this is what you can be too.  I am not a publisher. I am a personal coach who will work with you 1:1 to get your story into print. I do not collect any of your royalties. I charge reasonably for my services that take you from manuscript to publication on Amazon and/or Amazon Kindle. Charges are based on the length of your book and complexity (illustrations etc). We will work together to create a plan and a price to achieve your specific personal goals.  Let's make that dream come true!  All you need is an Amazon account, a computer/laptop/tablet, an internet connection and the determination to share your story.

An initial investment of $99 covers assist with set-up of online account and process, review of manuscript with feedback and actual publication.  A list of optional services can be viewed HERE.

Some of the optional things I can assist you with at extra charge:

1) Designing, Sizing and Formatting your book for printing;  

2) Creating a professional cover for your book;

3) Proofing/Editing your book pre-release;

4) Consulting with you on issues of ISBN, copyright, marketing, publicity;

7) Setting up your Amazon Author Page, Landing Page and/or one-page website/blog;

8) Other services you may need that are not specified;

9) Encouraging you every step of the way!  (no extra charge!) 

Click the "SUBMIT YOUR STORY" button above which will take you directly to my email address where you can submit your completed manuscript (preferably as a Word Document) which I will then review and send you an estimate of what the cost of the project will be.  Feel free to write me if you have questions! 


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kate McGahan for all of the help and guidance she gave me regarding my book "The Twelve Trees of Christmas." I have always enjoyed writing short stories but never thought for a minute they would ever be published but with Kate’s encouragement, I finished the stories with the intention of giving them to family members. I sent my stories to Kate and couldn’t believe what she turned them into, the most beautiful book, she proofread my stories, corrected all of my spelling and grammar mistakes, the cover is absolutely beautiful, better than I could ever have imagined, she turned a dream into reality. She suggested I put it for sale on Amazon and to my surprise I have sold quite a few copies. I am now working on my second book of short stories which I hope with Kate’s help will be as successful as my first effort.  Thank you Kate."  Teresa Barker
"Hello, Kate and I are lifelong friends, both from Upstate New York. We are separated now by many miles. A few years ago, I asked her if she would help me write a book which had been hidden away for a long time. Writing a book let alone publishing one was something totally foreign to me. Well, I just published my third book and could not have done this without her help and guidance. Kate is the most patient person I have ever known. She will take care of you every step of the way. She knows her stuff and will help you; no worries about working with people who may try to take advantage of you. She is more than fair with pricing too. You will have a very pleasant and positive experience with Kate. "  Sincerely,  Joanne Patterson


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Much to everyone’s delight Becky has returned for Book 3 in the Rebecca Steele series. The best has been saved for last as this is the most dramatic, most exciting book of the series. Becky is enjoying her life on the country music stage and has no way of knowing what the Universe has in store for her. She will need all her strength and resolve to come out on the other side. Once again she proves how her attitude and faith bring her happiness in the face of the utmost adverse conditions. You’ll be proud of her. Her old friends are back along with a couple of new faces that make life interesting. Her daughter Cassie is a shining star in this book and you will love her. Enjoy this final book in the series.



A heartwarming journey of stories told in their own words by twelve Christmas trees that were taken to the Christmas Tree Dump, where they are chipped up for mulch. All had tales and secrets to tell of their very own Christmas experiences. Some were happy, some were sad , all very different from each other, all very endearing. There is much we can learn from trees. How they feel and react to different circumstances and how they are treated. They feel everything, especially love, so please treat your Christmas Tree with the respect it deserves and have a very merry Christmas , from all of the very special trees at the Christmas tree dump.



A story of how humans and dogs became boon companions in the journey of Life. Told from the perspective of a Siberian Husky to the next generation of pups, Hero's Wisdom weaves the tale of St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio from a Dog's Point of View. Touching, warm yet challenging, humankind is given a picture of Life's difficult moments and how our interactions with one another, God and ourselves forge the path to deeper understanding and ultimately love and care for all of God's Creatures and the Creation of which we are all a part. Hero's Song is The Wisdom of Life a song for all to hear and to live with all creatures in joy and wonder. Let Hero's Song and story find it's home within you.



The Story of the First Christmas Scene as experienced by Animals who where present and told
by Brother Masseo, an early follower and contemporary of St Francis. Taking inspiration from the Fioretti of St. Francis of Assisi, the reader is invited into the recollections of This Franciscan Brother. An insight into the intimate relationship we have with each other through the vision of St Francis' love of the Poor Christ experienced through all of creation. An invitation is given to experience life in a simpler yet profound way. Come sit with Brother Masseo and listen to the story of God's love for all creation as St Francis of Assisi expressed it, Brother Masseo experienced it and shares the message of God's Love in Creation to this very day.

"Ms. Kate McGahan's willingness and enthusiasm to help get an aspiring author started is magnetic. Her approach makes the whole operation seamless and her expertise guarantees a no-fail safe experience especially in the technical "ins and outs" of publishing for the first time. With each easy to follow step fear dissolves and confidence builds reaching a crescendo when the cover is created and you see your creation on line and available to the world. Kate is a wonderful energetic teacher who is willing to share what she has learned in the publishing business to give the novice a decided edge up on the rest of the newcomers to writing. I can attest working with Kate Mc Gahan can guarantee you a place among the published authors in the world; where you go from there is limited to your ability and imagination! Let Kate help you gain what you need for recognition and publication."

Fr Carmen Scuderi OFM