"The Walls Between Us : A Borderland Love Story" COMING SPRING 2020!

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A unique and life-changing book for healing Human Grief and Loss.

Author Kate McGahan brings 35 years of clinical hospice experience and end of life social work into this uniquely powerful life --changing book! Kate offers her compassion, empathy and understanding which fill this healing book to the rim with substance, spirituality and love. Her empathy allows her to be the voice throughout the book of the one who is dying. This book was written to help the grieving reader to open their mind and heart to all the possibilities in the afterlife.

Learn to communicate with your loved one in new ways as you work together to get through the grief, keeping the powers of faith and love at the forefront. This book applies to anyone grieving the loss of a spouse, partner, parent, child, family member, pet or friend, no matter where they are in the dying process. Life is too short and too long to live under the cloud of heavy grief.

There is no “right way” to grieve. There is no “wrong way” to grieve. There is only YOUR way. Empower yourself with the guidance given in this book and you will find your way out of the grief and back into the power of a love that never dies. 


Join pet loss expert Jack McAfghan, the world's best 4-legged grief counselor,

on a journey over Rainbow Bridge and back. In the process he guides you through your grief and heals your heart so you can love again.

Written by Kate McGahan, author & intuitive with 35 years

as an end of life hospice clinician. 

Front Cover of Jack McAfghan's Only Gone From Your Sight
Back Cover of Jack McAfghan's Only Gone From You Sight


"Comforting..." "Brilliant!" 
Front Cover: Book 1 Jack McAfghan Trilogy
"Wonderful Story. Thought-Provoking"
"Fabulous" "Incredible" "Easy Read"
Front Cover of The Lizard from Rainbow Bridge
Front Cover: Book 3 in the Jack McAfghan Trilogy

"A book chock full of wisdom and grace. Jack will rock your world and your heart! Anyone who has ever loved will be deeply blessed and touched by Jack's wisdom!"

Maria Dancing Heart, author of "The Last Adventure of Life" 

"All the signs are there we simply need to feel and see with our hearts. Do not hesitate to buy this book. It may make you cry but it will also make you laugh and restore your faith in your darkest hour."

Verified Review at Amazon.com

"Another masterpiece by Kate McGahan. This time she took me by the hand and walked me through two worlds: the one we live in now and heaven/the afterlife. As she walked me through both worlds, she interwove them masterfully. I recommend this beautiful spiritual book highly." 

Verified Review at Amazon.com

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