When you read you learn, when you learn you grow. When you grow you heal. ~Kate McGahan

Jack McAfghan Book 1 in the Jack McAfghan Trilogy: A Dog's Memoir on Life After Death Reflections
Reflections on Life with my Master: A Journey to the Other Side of Grief

We highly recommend you take a journey through this first book in the Trilogy before embarking on the others for this is the book that will heal your grief so you can move forward into the magic that is Rainbow Bridge. Written from beyond Rainbow Bridge, the canine Jack reveals secrets to living a life full of love as well as methods of coping with life after loss. As he teaches what to expect during the grieving process, he gently guides the reader from grief into healing. Once you learn how to do it, what you have learned can be applied to every two-legged and four-legged relationship in your life for as long as you live. 


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5 Star Highest Rating book on Signs from the Afterlife and Pet Loss Grief
The Lizard from Rainbow Bridge: A True Tale of an Unexpected Angel

Angels come to us in all forms. Join canine Jack McAfghan in this second book in the Trilogy as he shares the story with full color illustrations of his friend Lizard, an animal spirit guide who comes to his aid -- and to the aid of many others--- as they cross the Rainbow Bridge.


A true story for children of all ages, this is a true story told exactly as it unfolded and it is designed to open minds and hearts to all the wonders and possibilities of the great and unseen Universe.

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Book 3 in the Jack McAfghan Trilogy: Return from Rainbow Bridge

This is the third book in the Jack McAfghan Series.  As you join Jack on his voyage to Rainbow Bridge and back, he will give you a glimpse of the world to come while sharing his deep wisdom of unconditional love and the power of healing. Our story is your story too. It is the story of life, love and renewal. What you get out of his story is limited only by your beliefs. The end of this life is not the end of life at all.

Sometimes what seems to be the ending of something is just the beginning of everything.

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"One Heart's Journey" is an inspirational collection of poetry and prose that takes the reader through an autobiographical history of the dysfunctional family. Universal issues such as child and sexual abuse, divorce, addiction and intimacy are addressed. Readers cannot help but find themselves or someone they love between the lines and pages of this validating collection of insight and hope. This book will help you to understand yourself as it draws you forward into the knowledge that you are ultimately in control of your life and how you respond to it. You don't need to be a victim anymore.

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The Paperback will be available worldwide in 2019.
Only Gone from Sight: Little Guide to Pet Loss and Grief

Only Gone From Your Sight :

Jack McAfghan's Little Guide to Pet Loss and Grief

The loss of a pet is one of the most significant losses in life. Our pet is the one who was loyal beyond loyal and who loved beyond love. Based on the wisdom and teachings of our favorite four-legged grief counselor, Jack McAfghan, this little book is designed to be an easy read that brings comfort and inspiration at our greatest time of loss. It will help make peace with the decisions you have had to make and it will help you to understand that the end of this life is not the end of life at all.

This little guide will help you through the days of preparing for your pet's passage and it will guide and validate your feelings and emotions as you work through the healing. 


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"It's Not Putting Me Down It's Lifting Me Up" will help anyone going through end of life decisions with their pets. 

The loss of a pet is one of the most difficult experiences in life. When they die they seem to take with them all the love we ever shared with them. But wait! Jack is here to let us know that they are not lost at all! There is no "death."  There is only the shift from one level of being to another. 

There are many formulas for how to face end of life decisions and the grief that follows. The fact is, you can only heal at the pace and in the unique way that you will heal. Long-time Hospice Counselor Kate McGahan guides you through the voice of canine Jack through prognosis, decisions, euthanasia, memorializing and moves you from grief back into love again. 

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Author Kate McGahan brings 35 years of clinical hospice experience and end of life social work into this uniquely powerful life-changing book! Let the voice of your Beloved guide you to the other side of grief.

Do you think we would go through all we've been through in this life just to say “Goodbye”? Physical bodies are temporary but our souls are immortal. We are soulmates after all, you and me, and we always will be. We can never be separated. No, not even by death. True love never dies. 

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The Walls Between Us: A Borderland Love Story


There are two sides to a border. In this story one side is American, one side is Mexican. There are two sides to the desert. Sarah sees it as a heaven, Benito sees it as a hell. She is a budding attorney from New York; he is a photojournalist fleeing the Mexican drug cartel. Destiny brings the two together in the Mexico-Arizona borderlands of the Sonoran Desert. 


Follow the romance of soulmates Sarah and Benito as they learn from their striking similarities and discover their diverse cultural differences. Witness the faith-filled Mexican woman who is trafficked after a tragic incident at the border. Watch the power of unconditional love soften a hopeless Vietnam veteran vigilante. Listen to the retired Jewish professor from New York who creatively helps the underprivileged south of the border. Through a series of synchronistic events, the paths and stories of these people intersect and destiny rules the direction that their lives take. 

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Letters from Rainbow Bridge

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Answers to Your Questions on Pet Loss & the Afterlife

"Can a pet be a soulmate?" "How do I find relief from the guilt of grief?" "Do animals go to Heaven too?" "What IS the Rainbow Bridge?" "Why can't I see the signs my best friend sends to me?"

Over the years since the release of the first book in the Jack McAfghan Pet Loss Series, countless "Dear Jack" letters have been received from grieving readers seeking support, relief and guidance. With the help of his editor and best friend Kate, who receives his channeled afterlife messages loud and clear, canine Jack comes to us from the edge of Rainbow Bridge with answers to open your mind and to heal your heart.

You will connect more deeply with your own pet by reading the stories from others who are processing their grief and losses too. The most popular themes, relatable issues and emotions are shared in this deeply touching book which proves that life never ends and that love never dies. 

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