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1 : 1 Professional Pet Loss Counseling w/ Kate via phone, chat or Zoom

$25 per 15 minutes (up to one hour) or by prearranged donation

It's hard to know where to turn when you deeply grieve the loss of a pet.  
Many people just don't understand this kind of loss and it can be difficult to find those who do.  
There are Mediums, Animal Communicators and other pet loss experts. Yet it's hard to know who is authentic and who is not. Kate brings her extensive experience with grief in all of its forms as well as her clear, strong intuition at the heart and soul level. After all, that is where your pet now resides.  

What to Expect:

Once you submit the contact form at the bottom of this page,

I will reach out to you personally by email to schedule your session.  


I will then send you an invoice payable upon receipt or you can use the Donate button at the very bottom of this page. Once you make payment, I will send you a FREE Kindle copy of "Jack McAfghan: Reflections," the best-selling book which is the foundation of the healing that takes place in our groups - and in our sessions.  Written from canine Jack's point of view, he takes you on a journey through Life, Loss, and the Afterlife. You will find that our story is your story too. 

Join Jack's Page on Facebook for daily inspiration. Visit our wonderful group, Jack McAfghan Heart to Heart, for support.

Keep the faith. Don't give up. Love Never Dies.

Click the button below to Donate through credit card or PayPal.  $25 for each 15 minute increment.
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